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Exploration Geology

The 3M Geo team of exploration comprises experienced geologists, geophysicists, geochemists, gemologists, mining engineers and geo-informatics specialists. Our professional team has a cumulative experience of over 200 years deployed to deliver exploration projects covering sedimentary, basement, basaltic, metamorphic and volcanic rock occurring minerals, gemstones, precious and semi precious base and rare earth metals.

Mineral Reserve Evaluation and JORC Reports

The world class technical affiliations of 3MGeo leverages it to deliver in working partnership with GRE Denver Colorado, its US based consultants, high powered and high tech geotechnical and economic mineral reserve evaluation reports (within 20 to 30 weeks of engagement). JORC reports remain the game changer in any mining assets investment. The report gives clients a clear understanding of the economic value of their reserves for purpose of medium to long term investment decisions or mining assets portfolio records.

Mine Design, Mining Plans and Operations

Our mining teams working with geo technicians, environmental engineers, civil engineers, geo-spacial and geotechnical experts are capable of delivering highly functional, efficient and safe mine designs and mining plans that ensure optimum productivity in record time and on budget. The globally acclaimed skill of our international partners ensure top quality oversight of our mining designs and operations.

Gemstones Mining, Evaluation, Lapidary Equipment and Services

As part of our legendary passion for diamonds and colored stones like Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds, Tourmalines and Aquamarines etc, we set sustainable and quality agenda for gemstones exploration, mining, sorting and value addition via tumbling, heating, cabochons and facet cuts to deliver a complete gemstone value chain satisfaction in our operations.Our clients are offered highly viable gemstones through our impeccable technology driven tools with top grade technical advisory from leading brand lapidary tools OEMs and world acclaimed, award winning facetters and jewelry houses. We are leaders in the race to build local human and technical capacity needed to propel the rich gemstone sector of Nigeria.

Mining Equipment and Test Instruments

As agents and users of high-tech minerals and metals exploration, mining, processing and lapidary equipment from OEMs, we leverage on the research and development improvements on OEMs to deploy the right kind of equipment in the projects we handle, no matter the scale.

Hydrogeology and Mine Water Control

Our hydrogeologists and hydrologists ensure that projects do not encounter disruptions due to mine water issues and hydrogeological aquifer contamination is mitigated efficiently in compliance to EPA regulations. The environmentally friendly solutions we bring to the table are world-class and efficient.

Social and Environmental Impact Assessment, Remediation and Mitigation

Social and environmental impact assessment considerations drive our commitment to stake holders in our operations. We are proud of our unrelenting passion to deliver best value to our stakeholders while doing justice to the environment for sustainable mine development and operations.

Mining Safety Equipment and Advisory

At 3M Geo, Safety is everybody’s business. Compliance to work safety rules and our religious approach to preventive safety forms the core of our work DNA. Our human resource is our most valuable resource at 3M Geo. Core Safety USA principles, guide our mining operations.

Community Stake Holder Value Optimization

We never leave a community poorer or less healthier than we met it. We have an outstanding reputation to truly enrich the lives and living standards of the communities we operate as a standard rule of engagement. Our relationship with our communities is always a flexible and a win-win one.

Investment Sustainability Advisory Services

Our project involvement for mine development and optimization would normally not be less than five (5) years stretching as much as fifty (50) years, giving our stakeholders real peace of mind, as a visionary company partner. 3M Geo is not key on short term gains.

3MGeo Resources Mineral Reserves

3M Geo has a medium and long term approach to its acquisition plan for mineral reserves. The medium (usually 5 years) objective is to mop up undeveloped reserves held by individuals and corporations for mine development and profitable operations that gives the holder up to 70% net on mine returns. The long term (up to 50 years) gives 3M Geo upto 95% control on the reserves it aquires directly from scratch.